Normon’s commercial activity is currently structured in five great business areas:

Generic Drugs Division
Hospital Division
Dental Division
OTC Division
International Division

Pioneers in launching generic drugs

Generic Drugs Division

Normon Laboratories began to develop Generic Drugs in 1990. Seven years later, it became the first laboratory to market the first three generic drugs ever authorized in Spain.

Today, Normon is the leading pharmaceutical company in the production of generic drugs and has the most extensive vade mecum in the Spanish pharmaceutical market, no less than 225 active ingredients sold in more than 1.000 presentations. We are present in the most important therapeutic areas of the market, such as:

Alimentary Canal and Metabolism

Anti-infective Drugs

Blood and Blood-Forming Organs

Antineoplastic Drugs and Immunomodulators

Cardiovascular System

Musculoskeletal System

Genitourinary System

Antineoplastic Drugs and Immunomodulators

Systemic Hormonal Preparations

Respiratory System

Leaders in the Spanish hospital market

Hospital Division

Normon’s Hospitals division is present in practically every clinic and hospital in Spain. We currently offer the widest range of oral and parenteral products in these healthcare centers.

Normon was a pioneer in adapting its drugs to hospital use by manufacturing its products in unit doses, thus facilitating the work of healthcare professionals in the hospital environment.

Today, it has consolidated its leadership position in the Spanish market, supplying more than 18.7% of the total number of doses for the hospital market in our country.

(Source: IMS data).

More than 150 references available to dentists

Dental Division

Normon’s Dental Division was set up in 1992 when we started to manufacture and market Ultracain®, the most prestigious anesthetic in the field of dentistry. Today, with a complete line of dental anesthetics, Normon is the leader in this sector, with a market share of more than 52%.
(Source: Keystone)

The manufacture of these specialties in cartridges (cylindrical vials) requires facilities with cutting-edge technology that have recently been extended to increase production and respond to a growing demand from abroad, where Normon has a strong presence. In addition to anesthetics and prescription specialties (primarily antibiotics, analgesics and antiinflammatories), Normon makes a wide range of top-quality products available to dental professionals.

Dental aenesthethic

Dental whitening

Lutingcements and posts



Impression materials


Needles and syringes

Restorative materials

Oral health

Committed to people ́s wellbeing

OTC Division

Self-care has become more important than ever to modern day society. It allows people to enjoy a good quality of life, acquire healthy habits and prevent disease. Today, the general public at large is more aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Normon works to promote responsible self-care by offering a wide range of OTC products. For Normon, healthcare professionals play a key role in providing information and the best solutions in an accessible manner, advising on how to use them responsibly. Present in different OTC categories, Normon has an extensive portfolio with more than 100 references.

Winter diseases


Nasal and otic care

Erectile dysfuntion





First-aid kit

Energy and well-being

Oral health

More than 40 years of experience in intrnational business

International Division

Normon has more than 40 years' experience in international business. Laboratorios Normon is present in Europe, Central America, South America, Asia and Africa. Normon´s experience in the field of generic drugs and the knowledge acquired throughout more than 30 years in our international activity, has led us to intensify our work in this line of products that are increasingly requested for their lower cost, quality warranty and best service.

The company is currently immersed in an ambitious international expansion project to bring our products to the five continents.

The year 2004 was a key year for Normon´s presence in Central America and the Caribbean, where intense work has been done on generic drugs’ registrations, and extensive training has been provided for doctors and pharmacists on bioequivalence studies; this way, Normon is the first company to show concern on this issue. Portugal is another country where Normon is working intensely in the marketing of generic drugs, as well as in the launch of the entire line of dental products. In 2016 Normon received the FDA approval to market its products in the United States.